The God of Surprise Endings…

  It’s not what we had hoped, not what we imagined, not what we had wished for, nevertheless, it is where we’re at… Have you been there? John the Baptist was.  He’d been faithful, truthful, and God-honoring.  And there he sat in a Roman prison awaiting the verdict… Naomi was.  She’d left her home-country with […]

God wrote a book

I was quite taken with a short video clip by John Piper this week. The intro reads: “It is one of the saddest effects of the fall that over time the greatest wonders in the world become routine. The first day among the Alps we are speechless with wonder. By the end of the week, […]

Settling into the Word

The boxes of necessities are unpacked.  The furniture is placed. Best of all I’ve found a place to nestle in for morning quiet times and I’m settling back into the Bible reading plan I had suspended during our recent move. I started reading this way, several chapters a day drawn from all throughout the Bible, […]

My stone collection

I have stones all about the house—stones that remind me of other places and times.  Some are pretty and glinting with fool’s gold or the sparkle of quartz.  Others have names and dates penciled on their bases.  But must are smooth and plain and their origins have been long forgotten.  But I do like to […]