A Mighty Rushing Wind

I experienced wind this week—mighty rushing wind, and the waves it whipped into a frenzy. Frightening wind. Uncontrollable, unpredictable, unescapable. We could only keep the sail trimmed and angled to propel us forward and hang onto the tiller, compensating for the tossing about with corresponding shifts of the rudder. It is a fearful thing, a […]

Spotting Idols

While I was thinking about the implications of discouragement and how it can be an indicator of idolatry, a very timely article  came to my “Inbox”  regarding the hopeless spiral of pursuing things other than God, i.e. idolatry. [If you missed last week’s remarks on idolatry you may want to read: Why you are Discouraged]  […]

Of Quagmires and Quandaries

I get myself in a quagmire every so often. It starts like this. I start reading from the Gospels. This time it was Luke 12, mostly red letters. Should be lots of good stuff just for me from Jesus right? Takes about 2 verses before I begin to get this sinking feeling, this sense of […]