March, 2022


About the Name
Let me clear up any confusion from the get-go.  My name is actually Linda Dawn, but I’m just plain Linda to most people.  The Dawn part is however a handy moniker when coming up with a blog name, given that I’m by nature a ponderer and my best thoughts seem to spring up at the start of the day before my mind has raced off to its shoulds and coulds and must-do’s…

I ponder best with pen and paper close at hand and the Word of God open, and at this season in our lives, with a mountain range in view ( :  I write to process what God has said and to recognize my heart’s response.  I hit ‘publish’ here each week in hopes that the Words of Life I’m hearing will jumpstart your love of God’s Word too.

Paul’s instruction to Timothy inspires me—Be diligent to present yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

About Me…
As I’ve been writing my days have changed from busy homeschooling ones with five children under our roof to quiet ones with just my wise and wonderful husband of now thirty-nine years. Our peace and quiet is punctuated by visits to and from a burgeoning populace of grandkids, ten so far, spread over many miles of Western Canada.  Mostly I’m a homebody, unless I’m out soaking up nature.  Reading and journaling over God’s Word is my all-time favorite pastime.  But dabbling in watercolor, lettering, and recently knitting are other delights.  You can find more bits of my story here: My Story and how I came to know Jesus as my Saviour is here (Part 1)  and here (Part 2).

My passion is to know and share God’s good Word. I long for it to penetrate the hard and distorted places in my own heart and mind and so to transform the way I see God and relate to people.  I have a great deal of head-knowledge that has yet to percolate into my heart.  But by God’s grace I am a work in progress and it is my prayer that His grace will shine through here.

Why I write
I write to understand God’s thoughts and their implications for Life!

I write to affirm God’s goodness.  Even the hardest passages to accept come from a heart of love and are meant to point us to Himself.  Received by faith they are a Tree of Life…This I want for me and for my reader.

I write because God’s Word excites me–I especially love to see how its themes and stories intertwine from old and new testaments, whether narrative or poetry or proverb.  I love the way Scripture is its own best commentary.

I write God’s words because they speak so poignantly to the need of my own heart. I do cite a lot of Scripture but I do so not as filler but as the very heart of what I want to share.  May you also find it to be light and life!

I write to encourage us all to treasure God’s Word and allow it to do its good work in our hearts. Because sin is deceitful and our enemy clever we need the Word and one another to stand strong.  Let’s encourage each other while it is yet Today.

What I write about…


–themed collections of verses

I love the way the Bible is its own best commentary!  So very often when I’m reading  other passages will come to mind that affirm the one I’m reading. I’ve included the references so you won’t miss the original contexts.  A few thoughts of my own follow each collection.  My inspiration for this feature came from a friend who unwittingly brought the Word back to life for me as a teenager, and from the passages in Hebrews that call us TODAY to hear his voice with soft hearts  and TODAY to encourage one another lest we be deceived by sin.


–articles on how I’m living out the truths I read about

The bulk of my writing and personal wrestling happens here as I share how I’m learning to live out God’s good intentions as I see them in His Word. This one captures a perennial theme for me:  But Am I Pleasing?


–Bible themes, studies and stories retold

For instance, Jacob’s story: When Striving Cease.   The Best Advice a Befuddled Sinner Can Hear and I Love This Word!


–exposing the false, defending the true

Articles in this section relate to discerning truth from error.  I reflect on times I’ve been deceived and on ways I perceive others being misled. I write to clarify what the Bible teaches in particular areas and to hopefully help us all think more Biblically. One of my favorites is:  Simply Jesus 


It would be really great to hear from you. Please introduce yourself, ask questions, share what you are learning in the Word…whatever! I love knowing I’m not alone and welcome your thoughts and discussion.  If you prefer, you can contact me privately using the form below.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a look around and let me know if you lose your way!

Holding fast the Word of Life…until the day dawns and the morning star rises in our hearts,
Linda Dawn Skelton

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. (Prov.4:18 ESV)

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