Welcome to DAWN PONDERINGS–let me show you around…

What’s in a Name?

Let me clear up any confusion from the get-go.  My name is actually Linda Dawn, but I’m just plain Linda to most people.  The Dawn part is however a handy moniker when coming up with a blog name, given that I’m by nature a ponderer and my best thoughts seem to spring up at the start of the day before my mind has raced off to its shoulds and coulds and must-do’s…

The best place to start any day is snuggled in the corner of our living room couch watching the blush of dawn paint the sky at the end of our mountain valley.  Second best place to be is under the covers waking to God’s thoughts and saving the written Word for after-breakfast quiet.

I ponder best with pen and paper close at hand and the Word of God open.  I write to process what God has said and to recognize my heart’s response.  I hit ‘publish’ here each week in hopes that the Words of Life I’m hearing will jumpstart your love of God’s Word too.

Paul’s counsel inspires me– [be] children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast the word of life. Phil.2:15,16

More than just a name…

As I’ve been writing my days have changed from busy homeschooling ones with five children under our roof to quiet ones with just my wise and wonderful husband of thirty-three years and I,  punctuated by visits to and from a burgeoning populace of grandkids!  (Our five children have now yielded 5, going on 7, grandbabies spread over seven hundred Canadian miles.) My days are very ordinary, but then again my ‘ordinary’ might be quite different than yours.  I will let you decide as you piece together My Story  from the inevitable snippets that emerge in my writing.  My Testimony of welcoming Jesus to be my Saviour is here (Part 1)  and here (Part 2).

My passion is to know the Word of God (and the God of the Word!) in a life-changing way, to have it penetrate the hard places in my heart and the wrong-headed places in my thinking, and transform the way I view God and people.  I’ll be honest with you, I have a lot of head-knowledge that has not yet percolated into my heart.  I am a Pharisee by nature but one who has been drawn to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.  You will hopefully see this work in progress in my writing.

So what do I write about…

A word about the organization of this site

TODAY is a place to meditate on God’s words gathered from Old and New Testaments and arranged in themed daily readings.  God very often speaks to my heart in this way bringing to mind passages from a lifetime’s worth of Bible exposure that tie into what I’m reading today. I’ve included the references so you won’t miss out on the original contexts.

A few ponderings of my own follow each collection, affirming by faith that what God has spoken is for my good, and that He will fulfill its purpose in my life.  My inspiration for this feature came from a childhood girlfriend you can read about [here], and from the passages in Hebrews that call us TODAY to hear his voice with soft hearts  and TODAY to encourage one another lest we be deceived by sin.

LIVE IT is where the bulk of my writing is gathered.  Here I wrestle through my weaknesses and spur myself on to believe what God has said and to discover the life He intends for me. One of my favorites is:  But Am I Pleasing?

LOVE IT is the place to find more targeted word and verse studies as well as Bible stories re-told to highlight Bible saints and sinners. For instance, Jacob’s story: When Striving Cease.  I write here also about reading and loving the Word and its key themes. Consider: The Best Advice a Befuddled Sinner Can Hear and I Love This Word!

DEFEND IT is the space reserved for my rants and objections to teachings and practices that don’t seem to line up with God’s Word.  It’s also where I admit to being deceived in one way or another.  My writing here revolves around discerning truth from error.  I hope you will contribute your perspectives and keep me balanced here. This is one of my favorites: Simply Jesus 

Why I write

I write to understand what God is saying to me in His Word.

I write to confirm that God is for me, that His love is behind His Words, that they are meant to give life, not condemnation, not stifling boredom, not dry crusts. His Word should be to us a Tree of Life…This I want for me and for my reader.

I write because His Word excites me–I especially love to see how its themes and stories intertwine from old and new, from narrative or poetry or proverb.  I love the way Scripture is its own best commentary.

I write down God’s words because so often I don’t have words to explain what’s in my heart, but a passage of Scripture will express it poignantly.  You will notice that my articles cite quite a lot of Scripture.  I hope you will not see it as filler.  It is the heart of what I want to share.  I want those who read here to go away eager to explore God’s Word and find it to be light and life!

I write to encourage us all to keep on holding fast to the Word, whether it steps on our toes or not, and to keep turning toward the living God with a soft heart, even in the face of correction and reproof.  He is for us. But sin is deceitful and our enemy is clever.  We need the encouragement of His Word shared together. Let’s encourage each other while it is Today.

And here’s where you come in…

It would be really great to hear from you. Please introduce yourself, ask questions, share what you are learning in the Word…whatever!

Oh, and a word about comments.  I love to know when something I’ve written resonates with you, and even when you disagree with something I’ve said.  The comments I treasure most are those that add thoughtfully to the topic at hand rather than just politely affirming me to make us all feel better about ourselves.  I relish discussion.  Or if you prefer, you may contact me privately using the form below.

And that is the end of the tour for now. Thank-you for coming by. I hope you will make yourself at home here.  If you have any trouble finding your way around do let me know!

Holding fast the Word of Life…until the day dawns and the morning star rises in our hearts,
Linda Dawn Skelton

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. (Prov.4:18 ESV)

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