Now Listen!

My ponderings have been all over the place this week–ranging from the melancholy of winter’s approach to the glory of Jesus coming again.  From how-to-keep-your-brain-sharp to the  beguiling simplicity of Mormon beliefs online.  I’ve squeezed in more audio time this week than usual, listening to everything from the quiet morning  hum of the fridge to […]

Words for TODAY

It’s easy to take for granted that God has spoken to us in His Word when you’ve grown up in church, surrounded by Christians with whom you live and move and have your being!  I was in the tenth grade in a little Christian school run by our church, taking my faith for granted, not […]

He’s Calling You!

I came home Monday from an early morning birding excursion with a fresh awareness of bird songs and calls and of my own ignorance of them!  Standing and listening motionless to birdsong for 15 minutes at a time is an exercise I hadn’t tried before.  Apparently birds sing most in the early morning.  They have […]