Glimmerings of Glory!

“Is Christmas ruined?” She asked it of me hoping for reassurance that despite the tensions in the air and the tears streaming in the wake of relational heartaches, despite the upheaval of a house up for sale and an impending move, despite the sadness of moving away from all that’s familiar and loved… despite all […]

Peace in Process…

I am a homebody.  I am happy in my ‘pumpkin’.  I feel safe here, and useful, and competent.  I know the routine.  I’ve been making meals for us for nearly thirty years.  I make bread and cookies too.  I don’t iron but I do laundry, and I vacuum and once every few months I may […]

A Peace of My Mind

The morning fire wards off night’s chill, as I sit all nestled in my blankies, with tea and toast, chewing on morsels of the Word.  I’m reflecting on this peace Jesus came to bring, this peace that seems more elusive than ever at the very season that celebrates ‘peace on earth, good will to men’.  […]

Anti-Reflective Aids

Reflective journaling has its place but sometimes it’s good to be jarred out of it and into the present… I picked up a little bottle yesterday wondering what it was…thinking it to be drops for ingesting, a potion of some sort.  Had to chuckle when I read the label: “Anti-Reflective…”   Ha!  Just what I need […]