Resources I Love

Blue Letter Bible is my all-time favorite online Bible Study tool.  I use it mainly for comparing versions, doing word studies from the original languages, checking cross-references and looking at classic commentaries.  I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available here. Never has it been so easy to study the Bible!

Audio… is a delightfully simple spot to turn your Bible Reading into Bible listening while you do the dishes or whatever other mindless task is before you.  I use my smartphone to play the audio when I want to rest my eyes from reading or just to add variety.  Check it out!

Daily Radio Bible is another great place to hear the Word read.  It’s a unique way to read through the Bible in a year.  Every day is ‘baked fresh’ as they say, when Hunter Barnes sits down to read three chapters (taken from Old and New Testaments) and close with a brief word–always encouraging with a personal touch.  It’s almost as though you’ve had a visit together. This podcast is also available as an App for your smartphone.  Incidentally, Hunter is married to my sister, Heather, and this is a ministry he started and is passionate about!

I hope to add many more recommendations here once I get organized.  Check back again ( :