Home again after travels to and fro. Too many days with too little manna.  The world looms large, its prospects bleak.  My own place unclear. What will be next?  Where is the strength for it?  My fuel tank on empty, energy reserves low I run to my Father requesting to see as He sees, to […]

Indomitable Joy

My thoughts run hither and yon tonight, scrambling to summarize my week’s ponderings.  I think they’ve run in a big circle actually, starting with an excellent message  built on this thesis:What the world needs most to see in the church is ‘our indomitable joy in suffering and in sorrows’*. (John Piper) They already know how to be […]


What would it be like to live for a whole year with this word, “SEE” in focus? Would I learn to see more clearly, more fully, more like God sees? I say I want to learn to draw more and better than I do. They say it’s really a matter of learning to see, to […]