Has God got you Cornered?

  The enemy was coming. They could see his chariots glinting in the sun. The thunder of horses’ hooves made the ground shake beneath their feet. Terror rose in their throats. We’re gonna‘ die; it would have been better to stay in Egypt, slaving, but alive. This is actually what the people said. Poor Moses. […]

Recipe for Dismay

Have you felt it—that sickening discomposure that leaves you weak and confounded and thinking, “What am I gonna do?!” but too overwhelmed to imagine there is anything that can be done…? Literally ‘dismay’ means to be shattered, to be broken down with fear, ‘shorn of strength’—’like plants of the field and like tender grass, like […]

Postponing Joy

Last week the question came up: What unfulfilled wants hinder me from being fully satisfied with God and worshipping Him with a joyful heart? In other words: What excuses do I make for postponing joy? I’ve been thinking about my strategy for getting what I want—prayer. And I’m asking myself just how long I am […]

Smiling in the Face of Fear

I’m enroute home in stages,  scheduled to fly out of Anchorage in a few hours, having spent the night here with kind friends.  My body made the mistake of waking up early and my mind of dashing into conjecture about unseen possibilities and missed planes…Bother! ————- Now in flight.  ( I didn’t miss it!)… So […]

Wind and Spirit…

Got out for the last sail of the summer season yesterday as a Southeaster was blowing up!  The sun was shining, it’s true,  but the wind was doing a pretty good job of clarifying that summer is indeed gone! So with sails fully reefed,  one hand on the tiller, one set to release the sheets […]