March Moments and Milestones

March marks the official end of our first winter in Alberta* ; we made it! Apart from being hung-over with a bad flu for weeks too long mid-winter, the season has passed quickly.  (Next year we will say ‘YES!’ to the flu shot.)  We pushed weights in the gym, volunteered at the local thrift store, […]

My “Testimony”– the beginnings

I alluded last week to the deceptive potential of a  testimony.  But it is clear in Scripture and in life that an honest retelling of what the Lord has done can be a powerful encouragement as well.  It’s not always easy to put it into words though. That’s what I’ve been wrestling with this week–how […]

Gathering the spoil…

I collect words. I hadn’t seen it quite this way before, but in this getting ready to move process I’ve been going through all our possessions–sorting, sifting, tossing and boxing.  And one thing has become obvious, I am packing a lot of words away! My boxes are full of them.  It’s almost embarrassing to assemble […]