Aliens No Longer

I spent the last two days largely alone. I thought I liked being alone but this was different. Waking alone, eating alone, wiling away a sunny day alone, spending the evening alone, hitting the hay alone… None of these are things I haven’t done alone before but this felt different, like a foreshadowing of lonely […]

Voice Overload

(and the Call Waiting that changes everything) **** Lord, I’m a little confused. So many voices give instruction for my path. Obedience is the latest. Just obey—but don’t see His commands as burdensome. T.M. Moore talks about the necessity of fearing God and delighting in His commandments, not seeing them as obsolete. I’m not there […]

Walking by Doubt

It’s an age-old battle, the same temptation that lurked in the wilderness when the food and water ran out: “Is God among us or not?!” the people cried. Never mind that He had promised to provide all their needs—His name was after all Jehovah-Jireh. Never mind that they hadn’t gotten around to asking for the […]