Loved, Still.

When our sin has made us miserable enough to cry out for His mercy—God is there welcoming our return.  His love has never stopped. I’ve been stalled over Jeremiah 31 for a week or so now. It is a beautiful must-read holding out hope and reassurance of God’s love for ones who’ve resisted His overtures […]

The God of Surprise Endings…

  It’s not what we had hoped, not what we imagined, not what we had wished for, nevertheless, it is where we’re at… Have you been there? John the Baptist was.  He’d been faithful, truthful, and God-honoring.  And there he sat in a Roman prison awaiting the verdict… Naomi was.  She’d left her home-country with […]

Who will roll away the stone?

[It has been a distracting week.  I have only a skeleton of thoughts to share inspired by Sunday’s message entitled:  “Who will roll away the stone?” It was taken from Mark’s gospel account of the resurrection in Mark 16.—LS] Who will roll away the stones in our lives–those things we are powerless to either change […]