Left-over Seeds…

Today was the day for cleaning up all the left-over seeds that didn’t make it into the ground this season. There are packages of every description—from the standard glossy illustrated ones to brown paper rustic, from little wee ziplocks to yogurt containers rattling with them… I hate this job. Not because it’s messy but because […]

Just say thank-you

I woke thinking about a story I read yesterday–the one about the ten lepers who were cleansed on their way to show themselves to the priest. Only one came back to thank Jesus (and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet besides!), at which Jesus responded–‘where are the nine? Was no one found but […]

Reckless Faith or Ruthless Trust?

I’ve been contemplating the topic for this blog for a while. Should I address my mounting frustration with emotional faith… the sort that constantly seeks experiential evidences to affirm God’s presence… Or should I avoid personal remarks and stick with a bland book review of John MacArthur’s book: Reckless Faith, in which he addresses what […]