Postponing the post…

For what are you waiting, hoping, daring to believe? An unexpected late snowfall has dumped a chill on the first signs of spring at our house. They say hope deferred makes the heart sick. (Prov.13:12) So what’s the antidote? I suppose it’s something like being patient, and establishing our hearts in the truth of what’s to come…I have been considering this week a related idea: the fight of faith. What’s that about? Unfortunately, these thoughts have not materialized into a post for two reasons:

One is that I was busy composing a book review of The End of Reason, an excellent resource for addressing the  underlying inconsistencies of the ‘new atheists’.  [Click the title to link to that review]

The other is that today, the day that these thoughts on the fight of faith were to have materialized in print, we woke to a phone call saying our grand-daughter is about to be born in a far-off city… and that’s where we are heading with hopes in hand tomorrow, so the post proposition was pre-empted till a later date…..

The fight of faith.  It remains an on-going battle, even today, for peace and trust, and coherence of thought minus the fears, minus the tumult of rushed plans.  For God has given us a spirit of love, power and a sound mind–all we need for today.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll check out the book review and keep it in mind if you ever need to say a  timely word in defense of your faith to one who thinks it’s all magic and dangerous delusion.


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