Be imitators of God…

 Only God can create a sunrise–

Fall is the time of year that we have our most glorious sunrises, or perhaps they’re always glorious but I’m just not up to see them until the days shorten on both ends!  Whatever the case may be, as the morning breaks at the end of our valley and streams its light up over the ridge, I sit at the window having breakfast with Jim before he heads out the door.  And some mornings I pop up to snap pictures!

One morning after kissing him goodbye and shutting the door I remained standing at the window watching God throw lighter and lighter washes on the distant sky. And thinking…

Only God can create such a sunrise–

BUT we are made in His image, given the ability and the desire to reflect His beauty in some way.  Some will imitate Him with paint and brush, creating art that reflects God’s greatness.  Others speak of the Wonder in carefully crafted words.  And some radiate Him best by the way they relate to others… In whatever way we are called to imitate Him we proclaim His beauty.

I have been largely silent here for a few months partly because I’ve been experimenting with another creative outlet which is more about color and water than typing and words.  It is not my natural domain so has been a great struggle but something in me insists that I must try, must show up for practice in a regular way and just maybe my ‘right brain’ may get a say over the tryrannical sway of the ‘left brain’ that clings to the safety of words and habits I’m more comfortable with…

I can’t say the ‘experiment’ has been entirely successful.  I am short of persevering in the face of doubt.  Even Creativity must be cultivated… But I have missed writing here and sharing the glory of words God gives.

So I hope in this New Year to appear at the page more consistently with my bits of manna for TODAY.  And I thank-you for pausing in the business of your day to share this picnic with me ( :


As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace  I Pet. 4:10 ESV

One thought on “Be imitators of God…

  1. I really admire you for showing up for that discipline of a new skill. I have told myself for years that “someday” I would sit down at the piano and work my way toward competence there, but it’s not happening, and the only keys these fingers are dusting off right now are on the laptop. For right now, I think that’s okay, but maybe once the homeschooling is behind me . . .? I guess we’ll see.
    In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the picnic here!

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