Advice for life—the everlasting way

Well, that was it.  Today I unceremoniously came to the end of a 23 year career of home educating my offspring.  We ended with the dissection of a fetal pig.  He didn’t get much of a chance at life, but there he, no she, was– perfectly formed from her little piggy snout to the tip […]

Manna for now

The sheets are swishing in the washing machine. Toast and tea, ‘Honey Bunches’ and blueberries fill my belly. Friday’s newspaper is strewn on the living room floor. Remnants of school work–civics papers, a life science text– are plunked about the room. All awaiting clean-up. Here it is, Saturday and I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline for […]

High Hopes

I find myself some days lately feeling unaccountably glum. The sun may be shining, the birds calling in search of mates, buds blooming and everything running otherwise smoothly in my little world, but there’s this underlying glumness… How come? As Rachel counts down the days till she can fly this nest for greater things, I […]