A Hope Worth Waiting for

It’s been a very rainy week.  The grad party squeaked by with just a bit of drizzle, but not enough to keep the kids inside. Thank-you, Lord! But Monday, it rained.  And Tuesday.  And Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon we jumped on the tandem when the road had dried between showers and got a hundred yards up […]

We’ve only just begun

Graduation celebration weekend has finally come at our house.  I suppose most of the country is done with it but we, being homeschoolers, delayed a few weeks to arrange it around family schedules…Tonight’s the family dinner, the giving of the diploma and the grad gifts.  Sunday’s the reception with friends.  It’s an eagerly anticipated set […]

A pointed parable

It’s one we’re all very familiar with.  It’s the best of its kind for motivating random acts of kindness and/or inducing random fits of guilt!  But I would suggest, it’s misused for these purposes.  And mostly, we’ve missed the point. The story I refer to is of course, The Good Samaritan (Luke 10). This parable […]

A New and Living Way

I have started reading Ezekiel this week. It does not exactly lend itself to ‘devotional’ blogging.  After reading the first six or so chapters I was depressed for the rest of the day.  Hormones maybe, but disturbing reading to be sure.  First there are all these bizarre ‘living creatures’ with wings that turn out to […]