My stone collection

I have stones all about the house—stones that remind me of other places and times.  Some are pretty and glinting with fool’s gold or the sparkle of quartz.  Others have names and dates penciled on their bases.  But must are smooth and plain and their origins have been long forgotten.  But I do like to […]

Gathering the spoil…

I collect words. I hadn’t seen it quite this way before, but in this getting ready to move process I’ve been going through all our possessions–sorting, sifting, tossing and boxing.  And one thing has become obvious, I am packing a lot of words away! My boxes are full of them.  It’s almost embarrassing to assemble […]

Until further notice…

My ponderings are on hold.  Travel does this to me.  I’m happily home from a visit with my sister and her family. My head’s chock-full of happy memories but void of ponderings to share. So for now, I invite you to peruse the archives… or better yet, open the Word and ponder direct! Thanks for […]

Making Memories

This is a week for making grandmothering memories—for reading books and baking chocolate chip cookies (and eating dough and licking spatulas).  It is not a week for ponderings and writing.  That will come later.  In the meantime, there are babies to hold, games of hide-and-seek to play, and first reading lessons with Hop on Pop… […]