Who Knew?

The shepherds are gone back now to watching their sheep.  The angels have long since gone away back into the heavens.  Simeon and Anna will be waiting for the next week or so in the temple to see the Messiah they have long prayed and hoped would come in their lifetimes…They will die in peace. […]

Small Starts

I am learning something about free time. It is not the missing magic ingredient that will automatically free us to make all our long-held dreams and ambitions come true. “If only I had time I would…” Really? What uncharted amounts of ‘free’ time do is call our bluff. Perhaps you know how it is… When […]

Untrammeled Womanhood

This intriguing quote in a book review caught my eye this week as our tandem trip was winding down and we were relaxing on the ferry… “I think [the bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world, it gives a woman a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. The moment she […]

Riding Tandem

Tandem bicycles have a reputation as ‘marriage busters’. It takes a lot of teamwork and trust to ride successfully and to enjoy the process.  The stoker has to be ok with not seeing the way ahead clearly.  She has to trust her captain to take her to the destination he has in mind (or one […]

Feeling Brown

For today, I’m departing from the usual fare here—perhaps because it’s school time and creative writing assignments inspire me—please allow me some poetic license as I explore the color brown… and perhaps you’ll want to add a comment about the color that most appeals to you!   Brown of hair and eye, and personality myself, […]