March Moments and Milestones

March marks the official end of our first winter in Alberta* ; we made it! Apart from being hung-over with a bad flu for weeks too long mid-winter, the season has passed quickly.  (Next year we will say ‘YES!’ to the flu shot.)  We pushed weights in the gym, volunteered at the local thrift store, […]

There shall be showers…

Yes indeed, after a record-breaking stretch of pure sunshine, with scarcely a drop of rain through all of July and into the first weeks of August, the rains have returned.  For the first time in ten years tonight’s Blackberry Festival street party was rained out   We were there, forking down our annual blackberry cheesecake as […]

No Other Name

Just start moving the fingers over the keyboard… yes, there we go.  Sitting here a little tuckered out this a.m. from much cycling yesterday, I’m trying to pull my thoughts together in one place, and get them in print.  Always a little daunting despite my love of written words that come out ‘just right’.  I […]