Small Starts

I am learning something about free time. It is not the missing magic ingredient that will automatically free us to make all our long-held dreams and ambitions come true. “If only I had time I would…” Really? What uncharted amounts of ‘free’ time do is call our bluff. Perhaps you know how it is… When […]

Creative Joy

I am seldom happier than when I have creative projects on the go, at least once they are taking shape and I can see the end in view. The joy of creating is only rivaled by the joy of beholding the finished product and realizing, “It is good”. Do you suppose this is a way […]

Christian Art?

Ok. So I’ve been reading Dorothy Sayers essays this afternoon, this dreary cold and wet afternoon that suggests a head cold in the making… The essay entitled: “Toward a Christian Esthetic” captured my attention. No, not because of the dry title! (What does “esthetic” exactly mean anyway?*)  –but because I think ‘the arts’ have gotten […]