Loved, Still.

When our sin has made us miserable enough to cry out for His mercy—God is there welcoming our return.  His love has never stopped. I’ve been stalled over Jeremiah 31 for a week or so now. It is a beautiful must-read holding out hope and reassurance of God’s love for ones who’ve resisted His overtures […]

He has made me glad

“Will you lay aside the rags of sinful sadness you are clutching to yourself and bow to Jesus?” The words couldn’t have been more pointed.  That very morning I had been convicted that my sad, anxious, doubting melancholy is out of keeping with my position as the sheep of a Good Shepherd.  Yes, there will […]

Things to Remember…Things to Forget

Why do we remember the things we should forget and forget the things we should remember? We can coddle offenses, abrasive remarks, slights, and snubs…remembering their perpetrators for decades…while we forget the innumerable transgressions we ourselves have been forgiven? Maybe you don’t; I do. When you grow up in church, there are things you tend […]