TODAY #4–Living Loved

This post is one of a feature I am calling Words for TODAY. Here I bring my own collected words from Scripture, ones that have spoken to my heart TODAY, in hopes that as you consider them you too will find encouragement and renewed trust in our living, speaking God! –LS And this is eternal life, […]

I Smell a Rat Close By…

(Image: Beatrix Potter) I think I must be a nose in the Body of Christ–I am so readily put out of joint by things that smell not quite right.  Any new book, teaching, or seminar triggers an “I wonder what’s wrong with it” response as I sniff it out. I’m keen on keeping rules, following […]

A pointed parable

It’s one we’re all very familiar with.  It’s the best of its kind for motivating random acts of kindness and/or inducing random fits of guilt!  But I would suggest, it’s misused for these purposes.  And mostly, we’ve missed the point. The story I refer to is of course, The Good Samaritan (Luke 10). This parable […]


I woke to the dog barking the other night… not his ‘bear bark’ (the bears aren’t up yet from their long winter’s nap) just a non-committal, think-I-might-see-something-in-the-moonlight-and-I’m-not-sleeping-so-well-anyway, kind of bark… annoying!  And useless, and worse than useless; it was keeping me from my beauty-sleep. A watchdog is a valuable entity when there is incipient danger.  […]