Not a Check-Off List

I’ve been put in my place this week, reminded that it is not the holier-than-thou that enjoy fellowship with God, but the truly holy.  And being holy is not essentially about what I do, it’s about what Jesus has done. It all started with a sermon on Psalm 15—“O Lord, who shall sojourn in your […]

Exercising Godliness…

What exactly is godliness?  How do we exercise it? The term “godliness” occurs repeatedly in Paul’s letters to Timothy but is never once defined there.  So I’ve been scouring dictionaries and this is what I’ve found.  The word is eusebeia, from the joining of eu- ‘good’, well-done’ with sebo- ‘to revere or worship, to be […]

The Mystery of Godliness

It’s a mystery. It’s a calling.  It’s humanly impossible.  It’s of value in every way for time and eternity…I have a smorgasbord of thoughts today on godliness, and lots of  loose ends too… It’s been a week of re-orienting physical bodies to a new place and new routines. I’ve been at the gym doing weight […]